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About Me

Hmm... what shall I say about this blog? I guess this is just another food blog like any other. And truthfully, I am not even a cook! But just an average Chinese Malaysian, who is juggling an online business, blogging and being a mother to 2 adorable children.

However, all of these recipes are tried and tested by me. Some of these receipes are even made up by me. My mother has been my inspiration in cooking some of these dishes. And she seldom have proper recipes or measurements! So, I have to "agak-agak" (or estimate) but they always turn out fine!

You will find that most of my recipes are Chinese styled as these are easy to prepare and they are what I cook for my family during weekends.

So you might say that this blog was born from my personal culinary experience.

Have fun and remember, eating is an occasion to be savoured, not to be rushed.

Happy cooking!

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